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    For nearly two decades, The Traffic Lawyers of Kopecky Law, P.A. have represented thousands of clients in various traffic matters ranging from speeding tickets to complicated DUI/DWI cases.

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    Have you been arrested and charged with committing a crime? Whether you have been falsely accused or just made some bad choices, the attorneys at Kopecky Law, P.A. can help you.

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We can help you with speeding tickets or any kind of traffic ticket you may have received anywhere across the Kansas City Metro area.

In fact, we have grown so fast that we now handle tickets anywhere across Missouri, Kansas, or Iowa.  It doesn't matter whether you think you are guilty or not, or whether you even have a defense or not.  In most situations, we are able to work out some kind of plea bargain to keep your speeding violation or traffic citation from showing up on your driving record.  This also prevents your license to be suspended or your insurance rates from getting higher.  In some cases, we can actually work out an outright dismissal of your case so you don't even have to pay a fine.

Traffic Law is our life and we have focused our entire practice on helping people in these situations and we have gotten very good at it.  In most situations, you will not have to appear in Court either. Give us a call today at 816-421-0100  to get a free quote and let us help you.  We work as a team and as a result you get the benefit of some great legal minds working together.

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