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What You Need to Know About Stop Light Camera Tickets

What You Need to Know About Stop Light Camera Tickets Cameras can be found on traffic lights at intersections all across the Kansas City and St. Louis Metro areas. Whether you live in Missouri or Kansas, or even a myriad of other neighboring states such as Iowa or Illinois, you need to know if you get one of those tickets in the mail, what you should do. Is it a moving violation? How many points? Can I get out of it? Does the answer change if I am licensed in Missouri or Kansas?

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Officer, what is wrong with my driver's license?

Interesting story out of Hawaii where a young lady was pulled over by a police officer for a traffic violation (presumably speeding or something) and given a hard time because her driver's license omitted her first name and actually cut off part of her last name. She told the officer that was what the driver's license bureau gave her. Apparently, in the state of Hawaii, their computer system will not allow for names longer than 35 characters.

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Show me the money says retired Missouri Sheriffs

A couple of weeks ago, municipal courts in Missouri starting collecting an additional fee of $3 from folks charged with minor violations such as speeding tickets and red light tickets. The purpose of the fee is to help fund the retirement of sheriffs around the state, and cities such as Kansas City will feel the biggest impact from the surcharge as it is expected to raise $250,000 from KC alone.

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Speeding Tickets are no longer small potatoes

This is a very interesting story about how several police agencies from around the country are working together to write more #speedingtickets along the Country's second longest interstate.    Police in 11 states step up speeding enforcement on I-80 according to USA Today It is very rare to see a...

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