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Speeding Tickets are no longer small potatoes

This is a very interesting story about how several police agencies from around the country are working together to write more #speedingtickets along the Country's second longest interstate.    Police in 11 states step up speeding enforcement on I-80 according to USA Today It is very rare to see a coordinated effort of this magnitude.  Should we expect to see more of this?  Absolutely.   I think we are on the precipace of seeing many more joint task forces for law enforcement, as modeled very well by the relatively new Homeland Security.  Should our nations resources be used for traffic enforcement?

Chris Kopecky

Christopher E. Kopecky. holds the highest rating (A-V) an attorney can hold for competency and integrity, and has done so for over a decade (Martindale Hubbell and Chris Kopecky is the founder and lead counsel of the Traffic Lawyers of Kopecky Law, P.A. He is a teaching lawyer. He is a professor of law at several colleges, including Avila University and Rockhurst University, where he has been teaching litigation for over 12 years.

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